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ŠMÖKO beeswax wrap

ŠMÖKO beeswax wrap keeps your food tender. Bring your lunch to the office – sandwiches, fruit and any other snacks stay fresh inside the beeswax wrap and there is no need to use plastic boxes or foil. The beeswax wrap can easily be folded and carried. Always keep a few wraps in your kitchen or bag for convenient use if needed. 

Choose wraps with attractive designs from the ŠMÖKO online store and impress your colleagues through your smart choice that offers more sustainable consumption.

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The use of disposable plastic bags and plastic products is not ecologically sustainable and has led us to find new alternatives. 

Our main aim is to produce packages made from environmentally friendly materials that can be reused in food packaging and storage to help decrease and prevent packaging waste. 

Choosing beeswax wraps helps to reduce the use of disposable plastic boxes, plastic bags and foil in food packaging.

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Made in Estonia

100% organic






Popular products


Beeswax wrap | Palm trees

Preserve the juiciness of melon and the freshness of lime!

Beeswax wrap | Pine cones

Preserve the freshness and juiciness of eggplant sustainably.

Beeswax wrap | Tropics

Ideal for storing half-avocado.

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What our customers think


These days, we often find ourselves with leftover food that we would like to store in the fridge or take to the office for lunch. Wraps keep the food fresh and help prevent the use of disposable plastic or film.

Moreover, Šmöko beeswax products are sure to surprise and delight your colleagues with their distinctive patterns.

Maarja Pajusalu

Check out the different ways to use beeswax wraps!

Sometimes we do not even consider how easily we can take our daily food with us. In our online store you can find beeswax wraps with a variety of different patterns and sizes.


I use beeswax wrap to pack sandwiches and fruit. I cover the bowl with leftovers to eat it later.

I have been using beeswax wrap for a long time and I recommend it to my friends as well – there are many who have not heard of it yet, but are positively surprised and will start using it.